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Off Road Driver Training

4x4 Off-Road Driver Training

Lantra Awards Approved TrainingAn accredited Lantra Awards Training Provider, we provide 4x4 off-road driver training to the highest standards to suit people of all abilities and experience, and for all purposes.  The Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Driver qualification is nationally recognised, and indeed recommended by the HSE.


We can also help if you need training in more extreme off-road driving. 

Our instructors trained Charlie Boorman and the production crew of The Long Way Down, the televised off-road adventure with Ewan MacGregor back in 2007, and have since prepared many other drivers for their own challenging overland expeditions in Africa and Australia.

Who benefits from professional off-road training?

Land Rover in Woods

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Off-road driving courses

Lantra Awards Recreational 4x4 Driver

  • Duration:

1 day

  • Capacity:

3 drivers

This course covers basic off-road driving skills and knowledge using gentle terrain for recreational drivers only.  It is not appropriate to drivers who venture off-road as part of their work duties, and does not satisfy H&S Duty of Care obligations for Driving at Work.

Each course is tailored to reflect the previous experience and learning objectives of participating drivers and includes:

Extreme Patrol
  • Fundamental 4x4 technology, focusing on your own vehicle
  • Principles of safety when driving off-road
  • Correct use of transfer box, gears, difflock and/or traction control (as appropriate)
  • Assessment of gentle off-road hazards
  • Fundamental driving techniques for safe enjoyment off-road
  • Care of the environment, to facilitate the ongoing availability of off-road driving opportunities

If you intend to use your 4x4 vehicle in more severe or challenging environments, such as an overland expedition, consider the Professional Off-Road Driver course below, or talk to us about a custom-made course to give you exactly what you need.  We can train you to any level you would like to reach, including extreme off-road driving and vehicle recovery.

Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Off-Road Driver

  • Duration:

2 days

  • Capacity:

3 drivers

2 drivers per course is recommended if they have no prior off-road experience.  This course is suitable for everyone who has cause to drive off-road as part of their work duties, or otherwise wants to become qualified in off-road driving.

The course provides delegates with the necessary skills to drive off-road in a way that looks after the people in the vehicle, the vehicle itself and the ground driven on.

A combination of theory and practical sessions cover many aspects of driving off-road, including:

Discovery at Dusk

The course concludes with a thorough assessment of each candidate’s ability to safely judge off-road terrain and maintain full control of the vehicle in a variety of situations. For experienced off-road drivers, there exists the option to attend the Lantra 4x4 Professional Off-Road Driving course for one day only.  This takes the form of an assessment and corrective training as required.

Following successful completion of the 4x4 Professional Driver course, candidates receive a Lantra Awards skills card and certificate, proving that they are qualified to a nationally recognised professional standard.  Refresher training is recommended within 5 years.

4x4 Professional Competence

  • Duration:

1 day

  • Capacity:

2 novice off-road drivers, or up to 3 drivers if experienced

This is a lower cost option to the Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Driver course above, and is suitable for company drivers and contractors who use 4x4 vehicles on modest to moderate terrain. The driving principles are the same as for our Lantra Awards courses, to equip participants with the skills to remain safe whilst also avoiding damage to vehicles or the ground driven on.

Following an initial theory session to introduce the basics of safe off-road driving, emphasis is on practical skills and covers the same techniques as the Lantra Awards 4x4 Professional Driver course above; albeit in a compressed fashion using more gentle terrain.

Being our own course, we are able to tailor the training content and location to your exact requirements for utmost benefit. Courses culminate in a practical assessment of each driver, supported by a written appraisal.  Successful participants receive a certificate of competence, valid for 3 years, plus detailed Course Notes to support the training.

4 Wheel Drive at Sunset

Training locations

Lantra Awards off-road driving courses may only run from Lantra-approved training sites, of which we use a number around the UK, including our home site in Cambridgeshire.  We run 4x4 Professional Competence courses throughout the UK, selecting terrain and location that is most relevant to you, and also use clients’ own venues (such as the Crown Estate at Windsor, sea defence construction sites and wind farms) when appropriate. 


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